You are a King.

The regent of your own world, and responsible for everything which occurs within it.

Your energy is pervasive, containing all things.

From your throne you see everything, but you need not always act.

You have no use or need for pettiness, the squabbling of courtiers, the idle chatter of corridors.

You simply rest in your own energy, the sovereign energy, which is pure presence.

This presence was not created by you, it is your own essence.

‘You’ cannot manifest this presence, its manifestation IS you.

In this presence, your life journey will unfold with all its glory and desolation.

It is your loneliness to be the only one in your world with this power.

This King that you are is by no means masculine or feminine. It is before gender, before language, before form.

You did not choose to wear this crown but were simply born into the womb of a Queen.

Even if you flee the Court, dress in farmers clothes, travel as a beggar, you will simply be a king in disguise.

Disguises do not serve you. Rather, it is your responsibility to become worthy of the Crown.

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